Be Your Best Blogger - Monthly Access and Coaching

Be Your Best Blogger - Monthly Access and Coaching


Purchasing this monthly access allows you access to my closed Facebook group of fellow blogging babes. This includes:

  • Monthly themed itineraries to help you in a different area of blogging each month
  • a Monthly Ambassador - a successful professional kicking butt in the field of monthly theme to answer all of your questions
  • Daily "share" posts to help us all grow
  • insider tips for growth hacking
  • a group of fellow blogger boss babes to support you and cheer you on!
  • One FREE hour of one-on-one coaching each month
  • Access and assistance with creating email templates to working with brands and other bloggers
  • Access and assistance with creating a media kit that highlights all that you have to offer


Some things you'll learn:

  • how to choose a blogging platform
  • how to find your niche
  • basic HTML coding and customizing for your blog
  • how to use the top blogging apps
  • how to use your camera settings
  • how to monetiaze your blog using affiliate marketing
  • what the hell SEO means and how to use it to grow your blog
  • how to make your instagram POP

                                                  .... and so much more!

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