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The Best Time to Visit Thailand

The Best Time to Visit Thailand

When planning our honeymoon, there were a lot of factors; there were all of the weddings after ours, taking time off of work that wasn't too close to any major work projects or holidays, and the whole honeymoon itself (and our insanity of seeing 7 countries in three weeks). We planned to do a week in Thailand, and booked our trip. We were excited as we'd heard how magical Thailand was, but we truly did not know how magical it could be, all because of when we chose to go (November).

Our trip happened to coincide with two biggest parties and celebrations of the year - Loy Krathong and Yee Peng.

Bangkok Long Tail boat

Loy Krathong , which can be literally translated to "to float on baskets" is a Siamese celebration . It's the final full moon party of the year (on the 12th month of the Thai year). The moon shining bright, locals send baskets made of banana leaves, tree clippings, colored candies, and flowers down the river to symbolize letting go of all one's hatred, anger, and defilements for the past year. The boats were dressed up, there were parties all night long along the river, and the sparkling lanterns floating along the channels made for a wonderful sight. Our time in Bangkok was spent in a magical entrancement while we watched traditional dances, beauty competitions, and all of the lights.


After Loy Krathong comes Yee Peng, which translates to "two full moon" (the second day of the full moon). Celebrated once a year, this festival helps ring in the new year. The sky lights up with thousands of lanterns released into the sky as participants make a wish for the New Year. We were one of a select few flights permitted into Chiang Mai on the day of the festival (literally, nearly 200 flights were cancelled or rescheduled) and as the sun set the sky turned ablaze. This was truly, and honestly, the most magical experience I have ever lived through in my entire life. Words cannot describe it. And if you're there for a honeymoon, it is all the more heart warming.

Que Sera Sahra Latern Festival
Honeymoon during Yee Peng Lantern Festival

So, if you're thinking of visiting Thailand and want to get the most out of your trip you NEED to go in November. I'd check the dates and try to line your trip up with the full moon. For 2018, that will be November 22nd, so be sure to head there then!

Have you ever been to Thailand? Did you happen to see the lantern festival!?

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