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Six Whiskey Distilleries to Visit in The US

Six Whiskey Distilleries to Visit in The US

It's no secret that my husband and I enjoy imbibing. For pete's sake, our first trip together we went to Nashville and visit the Jack Daniel's distillery. Now, we're definitely not alcoholics, but we do like to enjoy a quality glass of fermented water (or wheat and barley).

We're super excited to be heading to the Whiskies of the World Tasting Event in San Francisco on March 24th, and have been so inspired to take a trip down memory lane and visit or revisit some of our favorite US distilleries right here on the blog.


Woodford Reserve

1. Woodford Reserve

Nothing says Bourboun quite like "Kentucky". Woodford Reserve is not your bottom of the barrel, rail whiskey. This distillery is located in Versailles, Kentucky, a nod to it's Parisian namesake, makes this town a perfect stop on the American Bourbon travel with an upgrade to the classic drink.

2. Buffalo Trace

Maybe I'm biased; Z has an affinity for Buffalo Trace either because he loves buffalo (and has one tattooed across his chest) or because he loves the smooth taste of this limited edition whiskey. Each year they release a 10 year bourboun and we end up buying a few bottles - and the best part is the affordability! Visit Buffalo Trace in Frankfort, Kentucky.

3. Jack Daniel's

Everyone knows JD; you remember the days of slinging shots of this affordable whiskey back in college, right!? Visiting  the Jack Daniel's distillery in Lynchburg, TN is a truly unique experience. Everyone in the town is connected to the brand and it's like walking through an old western town. The only set back, though, is that the distillery is ironically located in a dry counted. While you can shop till you drop for all things Jack, there's no tastings on the tour or in the area. Possibly a good thing so no one is drinking and driving!

Balcones Distillery, Waco, Texas

4. Balcone's

We all know Waco from Fixer Upper, the town Chip and Joanna put on everyone's lips with their gorgeous and ship-lappy homes. While you're checking out Magnolia and the Silos, be sure to check out Balcone's Distillery for modern whiskey with that big Texas friendliness.

5. Jos. A. Magnus

One of the most fun things we've seen pop up in our "hometown" of DC are all of the breweries, wineries, and ofcourse, the Distilleries. Jos. A. Magnus recently opened (in the last couple of years) with it's premium blended, award winning, whiskey. We've brought ourselves to the brewery a few times and it's such a unique space, inside an old  seemingly small warehouse in the Ivy City neighborhood. It's unassuming from the outside, but the inside is definitely where some magic happens.

6.  Griffo

I shared some old home faves, now it's time for something from the new home! If all of the hipsters are moving to the West Coast they're bringing some of their favorite things, including WHISKEY. Griffo Distillery is located in Petaluma, just north of the Bay Area's San Francisco. Small batch and well made are what they are all about and I fully support them and their delicious endeavours. BONUS. If you go with someone who's not a whiskey drinker, they can sip on their gin or other spirits they produce! Sonoma may be known for it's wines, but I predict that they will soon become just as known for their whiskies.


Have you ever visited a whiskey distillery? Want to try more than 250 types of whiskey? Join me at the Whiskies of The World San Francisco Event on March 24th - get your tickets here!

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6 US Whiskey Distilleries to visit this year
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