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How to Have the Coziest Bedroom

How to Have the Coziest Bedroom

I once heard that, when it comes to home décor, you should spend the most money on the things that touch your skin, and less on the ones that don't. For example, you can go cheap with curtains and toss pillows, but not with bedding or couches.

I've taken this with me through life, being nonchalant about my drapery and bordering excessive on quality textures for my bed. 800 thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets, laundered in probably the most expensive but well worth-it detergent, topped with a very fluffy down comforter between a velvet duvet. Yea, you can say I like my bed more than Morrissey. On weekends I never want to leave bed, and why should we?

We've become masters at creating a bedroom that makes us never want to leave, and we've used these tips in our AirBnb as well, creating a calm and welcoming space for guests. Now, we're sharing our tips with you to give you the tools you need to make your bedroom the BEST space in your home!

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Here's my tips for creating a cozy and serene bedroom:

  • Keep it minimal. No overflowing drawers, close the closet doors, only one piece of art on the walls, simple colors and prints. We only keep a handful of books in the bedroom, and only ones that we're currently reading, otherwise the options and eye space can get overwhelming.
  • No phones in the bedroom. We'd heard this advice so many times but never heeded it until recently. Now, we sleep soundly and without distraction. we fall asleep easier, and our room is all around a less stressful place without any technology in it (save for the Sonos)
  • Music. We have a single piece of electronics in our bedroom - our Sonos system. We have it set to wake us up with cool Rap/R&B on weekdays at 7am, and smooth jazz on the weekends. It sets the tone for our days without being obtrusive like an annoying alarm, our cellphones, or even a TV.
  • Dedicated pet space. Contrary to the photos above, but our dog Butch is normally not allowed in our bed. Though we got a king size, he has his own bed beside ours (that perfectly matches our décor). Even the cats have their dedicated "spots" on the bed. This ensures we have enough space for ourselves so that we're not uncomfortable or stressed.
  • Choose calming pseudo-neutral tones. We try to keep it light and airy with soft whites, pale blues, and muted grays. Bold colors evoke a totally different feeling the bedroom and can be distracting as opposed to serene.
  • Layer up on Texture. Similar how you'd get bored if everything in a room was one bland color, the same goes for texture. I play up ours with crisp cotton sheets, a velvet duvet, and a faux fur blanket. It creates eye catching dimension and ultimate tangible coziness.
  • Use a quality detergent. Love that clean cotton smell and crisp sheets that don't pill and fade? While pricey, investing in higher end laundry detergent makes a world of different. After our first set of BrookeLinen sheets we became obsessed with The Laundress and it makes our bed smeel just the best.
  • Pillows, Pillows, Pillows! I know the men will disagree, but us women know what we're doing. Layer on the pillows and you'll feel like a princess. For quality bed pillows I like to go high end, but for the throw pillows (since they don't get slept on) I go cheaper. I like to shop for these at TJ Maxx or Society6 for something cutesy and graphic!

My current picks for luxury bedding from Amazon can be found here!

A few tips for choosing quality bedding; while we may be universally taught that cotton is hard and microfiber is soft and thread count is everything, I'm here to say that is just not the case. Different types of cotton, and how many times they are washed in the production cycle can create so many different types of feels. And while microfiber may seem soft, it retains heat and pills easily. You can definitely find a beautiful set of sheets of 400 thread count cotton that will be more luxurious and last longer than a 800+ threadcount set. You need to do your research, read reviews, and give it a test run if you can! Almost always, though, you get what you pay for.
Key Tips for a Cozy Bed
How to have a cozy guest room

What are your favorite tips for creating a cozy bedroom? what's your favorite thing in your bedroom?

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