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The World Doesn't Belong To Them, It Belongs To Us

The World Doesn't Belong To Them, It Belongs To Us

Who else is absolutely OBSESSED with WestWorld? HEY HI ME ME ME!

It makes me think about so much in the world, and it's fascinating to watch the hyperrealistic, not-so-distantly futuristic sci-fi. Who wouldn't want to immerse themselves in something so thrilling for a period of time? 

On the other end of the spectrum, it's fun to think about NOT escaping reality; to make your own, current, real world your dream world. Maybe this doesn't make much sense, but sometimes do you ever see the universe align for you and then sit back like "ohhhh that's why X happened, so Y could happen"? 

Maybe I'm being too vague, but think about what brought you to where you are. The heartbreaks that made you stronger, the breakups that led you to better loves. The loss of a job that led to finding a better one. Or, in a very specific instance, the TWO times I missed Taylor Swift concerts, all so the universe could later reward me with an ever better experience than I could have had either of those two times. Either way, be it coincidence or the universe conspiring for the greater good, life has been working out magically.

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Dreaming of Tuscany - and FREE WINE!