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Styling a Floral Dress for Both Summer and Fall

Styling a Floral Dress for Both Summer and Fall

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The super fun thing about Summer living in San Francisco I've found is that, while everyone else is flaunting around in bikinis and skimpy rompers and cute cut offs, we're over here suffering the coldest months out of the year and powering up our space heaters. Yes, you heard that right, July and August are the coldest months out of the year in this California town. While you all have been enjoying blazing humidity (and I did too, for a week in there, and I loved it) I've been waking up to 52 degree temps and trying to find summer-y looking sweaters so as to not feel like I skipped a whole season. 

I know, I know, fellow San Franciscans. September and October will be beautiful and come January I'll be thrilled again while our Eastern counterparts deal with blizzards and I'm sipping rosé on a grassy hill in 70 degree weather. 

But for now, these temperature swaps mean that I am on the forefront of prepping my fall style. I ordered a bunch of summer dresses towards the middle of July and now I'm getting to use them on TWICE the outfit ideas I had anticipated! Which means you lucky readers get a side-by-side of how I'm styling the same pieces for both seasons.

Summer 2018 Style in a midi floral dress by Keepsake the Label
Summertime Flowers
FLORALS for Summer


First up, we have this lovely floral dress from Keepsake the Label. I love the pattern play and that it's all one piece of fabulousness. For my summer look I paired this with casual slides and a trendy netted market bag. Perfect pairing with the local flora in my neighborhood. 

Shop the summer look!

Then, it was time to leave my cozy neighborhood nook and venture into the real world. This called for a fall inspired outfit; I added fishnet socks, my favorite Louis Vuitton booties that make me feel like a witch, and a dusty pink sweater; a perfect hue that screams "cozy on up"! Topped off with my leather jacket and I honestly think I preferred this styling even more. The key to fall style? Textured layers, clearly. 

Floral Summer Dress for Fall
Fall 2018 Style

Shop the FALL look!

Which look are you feeling? What has you excited about fall style?

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How to Style the Same Dress for Both Summer and Fall
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