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Transforming Your Spare Room To Earn (More Than) Spare Change

Transforming Your Spare Room To Earn (More Than) Spare Change

If you have an empty room in your home, that is doing very little apart from, acting as a clutter storage area, and the chances are that you do, why not convert it into a room that you can rent out on Airbnb? You’ll be happy to hear as well that it's not even that difficult to do either. In fact, you can discover all you need to know about going from spare room to (more than) spare change in my post below.

Transforming Your Spare Room To Earn (More Than) Spare Change

Decide what to do about the bathroom issue

OK, so first things first any guest that you have staying in your home will need is access to a bathroom. After all, even if they are only with you for one night you can't expect them not to shower, and all the rest!

Of course, for some folks sharing their bathroom with complete strangers is well, a bit weird! It's not that you can't make it work if you have to. It's just that, when it comes down to it having a second bathroom on ensuite can make the entire processes a lot easier for you. It is also something that can help you to attract more customers as well because access to a private bathroom is something that many people list as most desirable, or required when they are looking for accommodation.  

decor 2.jpegTransforming Your Spare Room To Earn (More Than) Spare Change

To that end, before you even start with the rest of the transformation, it can be worth your time to assess whether you can install, even a tiny ensuite. Something that can often be done even in the smallest of spaces, and not only ups your desirability as a venue but also allow you to charge more per night as well.

Clear the clutter

Once you have the bathroom issue out of the way, it's time to work on the guest room proper. The number one task here is to remove all the clutter. Which unless you are a committed minimalist, or have recently caught the Konmari bug, is likely to be littering the only room in your home that you don't regularly use.

Now, clearing out clutter can be hard, even if you prescribe to 'spark joy' methodology of Marie Kondo, but do remember, your not just doing it to create more space, but to add another income stream to your life. An income stream that can be earmarked for fun stuff like traveling the world, eating out at 5-star restaurants, and getting out there to experience more of life!

Now, it's with these stirring words still ringing in your ears that I come to you with a warning. You will need to permanently get rid of some of the stuff you spare room has been holding because if there were room for it elsewhere, it would already be stored there.

To that end, get prepared and collect up boxes and garbage bags to transport things out in. In fact, if you are city dweller with a penchant for public transport, it may even be worth renting a car for a day or two, just so you can get everything out and away as quickly as possible.

Protect your privacy

It is also worth noting that many people do choose to leave personal items in the room they will be renting out on Airbnb. Especially in wardrobes and draws where it doesn't affect the overall feel of the space.

However, do remember that not only will your guests have access to everything you leave in there (that means your undies too), but also that they will want some space for their own stuff as well. To that end, cleaning out any particularly personal effects and making a little room in your draws is a smart idea, if you want happy guests.  

Check the quality of your furniture fixtures and fitting

Next, before your room is ready to rent out to the Airbnb crowd, you will need to make sure that all of the fixtures, fittings, and furniture are up to scratch. After all, reviews matter in this game, and you want your guest to leave some great ones.

Transforming Your Spare Room To Earn (More Than) Spare Change

In particular, you will need to ensure you have a comfortable bed on offer. That means any lumpy specimens with the spring hanging out need to go. The general presentation of the other furniture items matters as well, so if any pieces are chipped or discolored, why not take a brush and pan pot of chalk paint to them and spruce them up a little?

When it comes to the fixtures and fittings of the room, you are transforming you need to be aware of two things. The first, and arguably the most important thing is customer comfort, and that means checking that any fixtures like TVs, sinks, or air con work properly.

In fact for hosts planning to rent a room in a city apartment offering reliable aircon is an absolute must for the comfort of their guests. Luckily, if you search terms like air conditioning repair near me, you will be able to find a local specialist that can come and check that everything is working correctly. It's also a smart idea to make a note of their number, just in case your AC unit does break down at some point because that is certainly something that you will want to get fixed fast to ensure your guests have the best stay.  


After you have all the necessary fixtures and fitting in the room sorted, a coat of fresh paint is the next job on the list. In fact, it is essential to refresh the paint in the space you are looking to rent out not only because it will make it seem cleaner and brighter for the guest when they arrive, but also because it will ensure that you get the best result in those all-important photos on the rental service's website as well.

Transforming Your Spare Room To Earn (More Than) Spare Change

In fact, while ratings, reviews, and your description are all critical when securing bookings, the key to filling up your schedule with guests is to provide fantastic pictures. After all, how the room looks in these will be the only thing that they can judge for themselves.

Soft furnishings

Next it time to talk about soft furnishing. Granted this isn't a phrase you hear often uttered outside of interior design circles. However, if you want to be as successful as possible and maximize your Airbnb rental profits, you'll need to choose them well.

Of course, by soft furnishings I mean bedding, and curtains or blinds, as well as any additional decorative finishing touches like cushions and rugs. For success here you can choose one of two routes. The first is to pick good-quality items such as high thread count sheets and comforter covers, and we'll las thick, lined curtains that do an excellent job of keeping the sun out in the morning and keeping the heat in at night. In fact, such furnishings are best suited to rooms that you are looking to charge a higher rate for.

Of course, there are downsides to this approach, and it is that while you can expect long wear from such quality pieces, you will need to find a way of keeping them looking as clean and new as possible for as long as possible. A topic you can read more about at

The second option and the one that most Airbnb hosts go for when they are just starting out is soft furnishing items that are cheaper and of slightly less good quality.

The advantages of these being that aside from lowering your startup costs, they can be replaced often. This, of course, means that you can keep up with the latest trends. This, when used in combination with white walls and a few additional finishing touches, can ensure the room that you wish to rent looks as trendy as possible. Something that can once again help your listing to stand out in that all important photo.

Finishing touches

Cast your mind back to the best stay in a hotel or B&B you have ever had. What things stood out to you there? I bet part of it at least was all the wonderful added extras that you didn't ask for but were provided anyway,  such as good quality toiletries, bottled water, and even tea and coffee making facilities and snacks.

Of course, these touches are also something that you can put to good use in finishing off your room and make it ready for your guests. In fact, for a relatively small investment and a little extra time you can ensure that the service you provide stands out from the rest. Something that will not only make sure that your customers leave your home happy but that they will also provide you with fantastic reviews as well.  

Prepare to host

Finally, once you have everything in place from the basis of the room to the finishing touches it time to get yourself prepared to become a host. One thing, in particular, that can help with this is to get seriously organized before you start to take on guests.

This means knowing how long it takes to clear the room, and change the sheets, as well as setting up a diary for bookings. Then, and only then will you be ready to start making money in amounts that are hopefully well beyond just spare change, from your spare room.

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