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Monkeying Around with Snow Monkey

Monkeying Around with Snow Monkey

Being vegan(ish) for over 18 years has always had it's struggles; what to eat at a baseball game, Thanksgiving, or parties. Especially when it comes to dessert, I've always had to specially get something from a far away market, or eat nothing while my family and friends enjoyed frozen custard or soft serve ice cream.

Gone are those days, though. Now I can get a veggie dog at most baseball stadiums, the impossible burger at many SF establishments, and now the best vegan, organic, ice cream thanks to Snow Monkey. And what makes Snow Monkey even better? Being fruit based and healthfully organic, paleo means you can eat it anytime of day and almost all of your friends can eat it too!

I love using the Goji Berry to make a smoothie bowl in the morning (complete with banana chips, blueberries, nuts, and honey), or some Passionfruit for a snack and the matcha or cocoa for an after dinner dessert! Since it's totally healthy, I don't mind sharing a little with our dog, Butch.

Snow Monkey Breakfast Recipe
Snow Monkey Frozen Icea Treats - vegan, gluten free, and organic!
Snow Monkey Vegan Frozen Ice Treat
Summer Treats for a vegan - Snow Monkey !

Do you have a favorite healthy treat to keep you cool in summer? Would you be interested in trying Snow Monkey? Let me know!

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Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Snow Monkey. All opinions and photos are my own and I only post about brands I fully believe in and support. 
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