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The Good + The Bad of a Smart Home

The Good + The Bad of a Smart Home

Who remembers the early-ought movie, SmartHouse? It seemed so futuristic back in the day, but here we are in 2018 with almost all of the amenities of the movie, just in smaller computers/controls.

Ever since we bought our home in DC we've slowly been working on making it a bonafide smart home; we have the Nest thermostat, Nest smoke + carbon monoxide detectors, the Ring doorbell, the Google Home, the Philips Hue lights; we have smart outlets and are planning on getting a Roomba. We wake up to the soothing sounds of our Sonos, after a night of TV on Roku.

Our lives have been sincerely easier since growing into a smart house, but there's been some negatives to our lifestyle as well. Read on to find out more and see if a smart house is right for you!

Smart Home with Philips Hue lights

The Good

1. One benefit to having a smart home is saving money! Our Nest thermostat is set to know when no one is home and goes into eco-save mode, safely lowering the temperature so we don't waste money on it running while we're away. This is GREAT when we're on vacation! The Philips Hue lightbulbs are also energy efficient and while initially expensive, they last up to 15 years - that's a lot of time, energy, and money saved on plain old lightbulbs!

Nest Home Theromstat for a Smart Home

2. I can turn on my lights, heat, air conditioner before I get home, straight from my phone. This can help set the ambiance for a perfectly cozy place, and also ensures my pets aren't left in the dark! I also love having settings to make for a comfortable wake up; slowly rising music from the Sonos, the Hue lights creating a bedroom sunrise over the course of my 30 minute wake up.

3. A smart home combats theft - Whether it's the use of a Ring doorbell, complete with two way video and chat features and saved videos to share with authorities, or having the lights on when no one is home can elude that the house isn't empty. I've definitely gone on Ring to catch someone looking through our mail before and quickly thwarted them. It's also great to keep up with neighborhood activity, thanks to the neighborhoods feature! This ensures a safe and happy 'hood for all.

4. With the Nest smoke and carbon monoxide detector (and of course, the Ring) we can be notified of danger within our home even while away. If we were ever to have an issue with leaky gas, smoke, or god forbid a fire in our home both the proper authorities and us would be immediately notified, which can ensure a quick handling of any emergency situation and hopefully minimize damage.

5. Our Smart home is chic! With less cords certain things look nicer, like our wireless speakers and chargers. Other things, like our Google Home, effortlessly blend into their surrondings in our home. You can even get skins for the Google Home or Sonos so it can be even more stylish!

Google Home blends in

The Bad

1. The most major negative I've found from having a smart home is the sheer laziness. There have been times I've screamed at Google Home to turn off the lights in the bedroom, instead of getting out from under the covers. Before I upgraded my phone I once texted Z, who was away on a business trip, to turn the temperature up in the house, so I didn't have to leave bed. The laziness is a real struggle once you go smart!

2. When the wifi is out, so is everything. We've woken up to our home being freezing before, all because the Nest could not connect to the home's WiFi. The same has happened to our Ring doorbell; we wondered why we weren't getting notifications and it was because one of our animals knocked the WiFi out for a few hours. When your entire home is connected via the internet, you need to make sure you have a strong, everlasting WiFi connection or you'll wind up in the dark, quite literally.

Do you have any smart home technology? Shop my favorites below to get your home prepared for the future!

The Good and the Bad of having a Smart Home
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