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Love is the Flower

Love is the Flower

you've got to let it grow...

April's showers (and/or snow for my northeastern dwellers) have finally given way to the spring beneath. Sunshine, warm weather, and all the flowers blooming at once! I already shared how I feel about Cherry blossoms, but their spring significance is fairly new to me (having only been a "thing" since I lived in DC). Prior to that, the first sign of spring in my life were tulips; my mother had them planted right in front of my childhood home, where they would likely be blooming by the time Easter came around. They'd rise from the hard, cold earth bringing color into our dead yard and preparing us for the new season.

A few weeks ago we went to Seattle to visit some friends who had recently relocated there in the resurgence of the proverbial Oregon Trail (seriously, everyone is moving out west these days! #westcoastbestcoast #sorrynotsorry). When thinking of something fun and not-too-touristy to do we came upon the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, coincidentally going on the weekend we were there! With our old friends and some new ones, we drove north, passing snow capped mountains and the gorgeous scenery, until we made our way to the endless fields of color. 

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival near Seattle, WA
Tulip Festival in Seattle near the Olympia Mountains
Pacific NorthWest Tulip Festival
Tulip Fields near Seattle Washington

I mean, how beautiful are those flowers with the mountains in the background!?

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