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Getting My Smoothest Hair Ever

Getting My Smoothest Hair Ever

From the first moment I met Kiersten it was clear that she was an expert on all things hair. From our initial meeting, which was about clothes and style, she was able to pin point exactly what my hair needed and how to make it perfectly manageable for me. And then she did just that.

We started with getting me some high quality Eufora Beautifying Elixir shampoo and conditioner -which smell almost as amazing as they work! She also shared with me a deep conditioning mask, which I love doing while I’m doing a face mask, nourishing every inch of my head at once. These products are simply amazing!

Euphora Beauty Elixirs for Healthy Hair

Then came the life changing day. I drove down to Los Altos to Kiersten’s gorgeous home salon where we did a non-chemical Keratin treatment called Simply Smooth; I had always been fearful of chemically altering my hair (besides bleach, of course) and have been making slight changes to more organic and better for me and the environment hair products. So when Kiersten told me about Simply Smooth I was sold! She told me how it would smooth the divets. in my thick, damaged, wavy hair, and make it effortless smooth and less frizzy EVERY DAY. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was skeptical, but the fact the she seemed to know what she was talking about made me trust her.

Simply Smooth Non Chemical Keratin Treatment
Getting Smooth Hair with Kiersten Vavoulis

We started with a quick trim (because why waist pricey product on dead ends) and brought back my bangs and then she put on the product. I always tell hair dressers to gather more product than they think they’ll need (seriously y’all, my hair is deceptively THICK), but Kiersten knew exactly how much she needed. We sat with it marinating on my head for the next five hours, while we played around with clothes and went about our day.

Silky Smooth Hair with Simply Smooth Non Chemical Keratin

At the end, we straightened my hair and I was told to let the product sit for THREE days. Three days of not washing, not brushing, not pony tailing my hair; all to let the product work its magic.

The tough ordeal was well worth it, though, because honestly? My hair has literally never been smoother. This magic is going to last 3-4 months, but so far I can already tell a future session will definitely be in order. Just look at this candid sleek and shiny tresses!? Despite the ungodly heat we’ve been facing in SF my hair is frizz free all day EVERY DAY. And yes, that smile is for both my margarita and my hair.

Live in SF and interested in an exceptional hair dresser? I urge you to check out Kiersten Vavoulis. If you’re not in the Bay Area, try to find yourself a hairdresser who works with Simply Smooth and/or Eufora as I hear it is an exclusive group of high level hair stylists who will hopefully treat your mane as well as Kiersten did mine!

What do you think of my fresh tresses? Have you ever tried a smoothing treatment?

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