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Going Natural with Schmidt's

Going Natural with Schmidt's

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Schmidt’s Naturals. All images and opinions are my own.

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I'm usually pretty self aware and environmentally conscious, but sometimes it takes me a bit to hop on the organic trends. I'd always been apprehensive to try natural deodorants and soaps; I'd heard horror stories of your body taking weeks to adjust, the natural scents not masking your natural scent, and other not-so-exciting things. I was still on my paraben and aluminum laden deodorant, despite having been veganish for 18 years, being an expert recycler and composter, and organic pet food giving mom. 

Schmidt's Naturals recently sent me a care package to get me started on the natural train and I gotta say, I'm hooked. I immediately began by using the jasmine deodorant, figuring a chilly summer day with minimal sweat would be a great first test. 

GUYS. I get whiffs of myself all day and I smell like the most fragrant flower, ALL. DAY. I've now been wearing my deodorant for two weeks straight, through chilly short days, long days at the office under stress, weekends on the sweltering beach, through anxiety inducing events. My fears couldn't have been more wrong about natural deodorant. Even my husband, a known over-sweater, has taken a liking to Schmidt's natural deodorant, using the charcoal and magnesium scent to keep him fresh all day. 

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant
Rose and Vanilla Natural Deodorant from Schmidt's
Schmidt's Naturals soap bars smell too good!

And those are just the deos! We also had the opportunity to try the toothpaste; I'd had charcoal toothpaste on my wishlist for months but was so nervous to pull the trigger. Black? on my teeth? in my mouth? Scary. 

schmidt's activated charcoal toothpaste

all in all, I've been super impressed with these organic products! It makes me feel good that I'm being nice to my body inside and out, as well as nicer to the environment.

Have you ever tried organic or natural beauty products like Schmidt's?

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