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The Patchwork that is The United States

The Patchwork that is The United States

I'm not sure about the rest of you out there, but it gets harder these days to be excited to celebrate the Fourth of July. America is not what it was meant to be; it is not currently a safe place where all are welcome. It is not a place of hope, prosperity, and understanding. Children are being ripped from their parents, walls are being built, and racism is growing far more rampant.

Despite it all, I know there is good here; there is beauty in this wondrously large country, and I'm ready to focus on the good and help by donating to the people who are being directly affected by this administration. I want to do everything I can to ensure that The States remain a melting pot, a patchwork skirt, if you will; an all-inclusive piece of many different cultures and people.

Scroll down to shop my look (hey, I had to entice you to read this somehow!) and for a number of organizations that are fighting the good fight and could benefit from your donations. Let's help keep America the beautiful patchwork denim skirt that it is! 

Fourth of July Outfit Idea 2018
4th of july outfit idea 2018

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Want to do your part to help the people in America who need our help? 

- Donate to RAICES, the organization fighting to keep families together on the Texas border. 

- Similarly, Baby2Baby is working to make sure the children being held at the border have the things they need, whether that be diapers, toothbrushes, or clean underwear.

- Donate to the ACLU who's purpose is to protect the civil liberties  of any American who has had their rights stripped and who has been disenfranchised, whether by  their LGBT rights, Disabilities, Race, imprisonment, or religious rights. 

- With the open Supreme Court Seat we know that the current administration will push a conservative judge through, leading the way for Roe V. Wade and more woman's rights to be stripped. Do your part and donate to Planned Parenthood , EqualityNow, and even GirlsInc.

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