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Wearing the Fall Picnic

Wearing the Fall Picnic

What’s up with that title? Even I don’t get it…

Step away from the coffee, now Sahra, put down the cup.

But honestly, I’m feeling this look for a number of reasons. 1, it takes another look at a rising fall trend of the tailored suit. I’ve had this one for years and I’m always finding new ways to wear it.

2, it pulls it all monochromatic with a 90s inspired bandana crop top.

3, I looove this vintage Versace chain belt I inherited from my grandmother; it’s some subtle gaudiness that I feel adds a sense of street style to my look.

4, I’m still trying to figure out how to wear my chunky File Disruptors; I see the street style but I feel like I’m just not executing it correctly…. thoughts?

Gingham Suit Outfit Fall 2018
Fall Transitional Style 2018 Fashion Forward
Transition Summer to Fall Style 2018 Fila Disruptors
Fall Picnic Outfit 2018
SF Style Bloggers Que Sera Sahra and Julia O Test

photos by Julia o Test

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What are you wearing to transition into the fall season?

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