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Getting Selfie LIT

Getting Selfie LIT

Disclaimer: This post is in Collaboration with Nakturnal. All opinions and images are my own.

Alright guys, y'all know I love my beloved iPhone; it goes with me everywhere, taking in the sights of the world, facing geo-thermal pools in Iceland and ancient ruins in Cambodia and mud baths with elephants in Thailand. Sometimes, there's low lighting and the photos never turn out the way your imagined. Especially in dimly lit restaurants; you don't want to be THAT person with a quick flash that makes an odd, flared out image of the greatest meal you've had that week. I know, first world problems/blogger problems, but problems none the less.

But problems they are no more! Thanks to the Lumee iPhone case, there's a front light for perfect selfies (and the perfect light flare for glimmering eyes) and the back light, great for flawlessly lit group shots and food porn. 

I recently received the Lumee marble phone case for my iPhone X and have to say it has been a game changer in my photo life (heck, so is portrait mode, but we all knew that). 

The key to a perfectly lit selfie? Lumee.

I mean, take this casual selfie I took of myself the other day. I am literally glowing. There's no excess of light or washed out aesthetic, just a perfectly lit face. You literally can't even tell that this was on a cold, foggy morning without any lights on in my home. You can kind of tell the darkness toward the edges of this mirror selfie, but me? I'm lit up like a Christmas tree! 

Lumee Case App in Marble adds light to the darkness of life
Lumee's selfie case is perfect for the well-lit shot!

If you're looking to up your photo game, whether for make up and beauty selfies, hair photos, OOTD's, or foodstagrams I highly recommend the Lumee Duo Case. It comes in so many fun designs, colors, and upgrades (ummm hello power bundle to save the day from dying iPhones!) 

I can't wait to share more photos I take with my new phone case, and I know you'll love it too once you try it!

Pink Marble Everything (planner by Paper Source, iPhone X Case by Lumee)

Have you ever tried specialty lighting for your iPhone? 

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