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5 Trips to Take in the Next 5 Years

5 Trips to Take in the Next 5 Years

There's a whole lot of world out there to explore; how do you make time to see it all?

For us, we plan one out of the country trip per year (usually visiting at least 2 countries, up to 8, per trip depending on the length and location). Since we're (fairly) young and without children (yet), we are trying to do major trips that would be difficult with young children now while we can. We're also making it a point to see some of the disappearing wonders of the world while we can - and you definitely should too.

Here's 5 places to visit in the next 5 years before they become irrecognizable:

Machu Picchu Sunrise.jpg

1. Machu Picchu

We're hoping to be headed here this September because we feel the need to see this historic landmark before it quite literally slips off the face of the earth. As someone who has always been fascinated by ancient cultures, I'm making it my mission to see this before it closes to the public or is gone for good. And to drink a bunch of Pisco Sours and hang out with some llamas, NBD.

Great Barrier Reef Diving.jpg

2. the Great Barrier Reef

Our trip to Peru was a toss up between Machu Picchu and the GBF; we're totally hoping for the Gold Coast next year, but if not we'll definitely head there within the next 5. Rumors and scientific evidence has pointed to the most famous dive site as potentially being completely ruined or bleached within a matter of years (#thanksglobalwarming). If you want to see the beautiful coral and sea creatures, you need to go now. Judging by the coral bleachin g map, your best bet is to make Hamilton Island your homestay and see the more southern reefs for optimum wow-factor.  

African Safari.jpg

3. An African Safari

This is one trip I'm super grateful that we've already ticked off the list; Due to things like poaching, droughts, and Global Warming the African bush and desert has been struggling to keep its natural inhabitants. Some species, like the Black Rhino, are threatened to be gone within a matter of years. Elephants are dwindling as well, but many people and amazing organizations are fighting for them.

Antarctic Expedition Cruise.jpg

4. Antarctica

It has totally been a dream of mine to go on an Antarctic Cruise (basically the only way to get there unless you're a scientist). See the Emperor Penguins, the glaciers, even take a dip in the frigid waters! Unfortunately, Global Warming is ruining many things for us and this may be one of the biggest. Every year the size and landscape of Antarctica is changing, meaning if you want to see the massive glaciers at their largest and most impressive then you need to shell out your ASAP. I've been tracking prices for years; cruises are on average $10,000 per person, but this site has some for as low as $1,949 per person. Expensive? Yes. Worth it, you betchyour broke butt!  but really, I'd take out a loan to go on this excursion.

Polar Bears Churchill Canada.jpg

5. The Artic

Opposite the Antarctic we have the Arctic, The North Pole, facing similar problems as it's sibling of the South. With it's abundant mammal life, more creatures are being hit hard by Global Warming, especially polar bears (disclaimer: only click the link if you're alone and able to cry freely). Scientists believe the landscape of the Arctic Circle will be changing dramatically in the coming years, with already record low recordings of sea ice each year and record low numbers for the polar bears (less than 900) it's high time to get your butt up to the Arctic (I recommend Churchill in Manitoba, Canada) and see the beauty there is before it's gone. Even better if you come back with a thirst for change and to do something about Global Warming. And don't worry - there's more to see than the bears; there's the whales (belugas!), seals, foxes, elk, and of course, a chance to catch the Northern Lights.


Have you been to any of these places? Do you have anywhere you want to go in the next 5 years? Tell me below! and if you liked this post, be sure to share it!

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