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My Favorite DC Brunch Spots

My Favorite DC Brunch Spots

I, like every other twenty something girl in a city, LOVE BRUNCH. Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day. Pair that with some endless champers with a splash of OJ and now you're speaking my language. DC, as opposed to other cities I've lived in, is big on brunch. With so many great restaurants in such a small area there's minimal ways to go wrong. Having lived here for nearly 5 years now, I think it's safe to say I've tried many brunches. Some I've loved and some I have not. Here's MY favorites and why!  

dc best brunch
Le Diplomat DC Brunch


Le Diplomate

If you're coveting a Parisian experience look no further; this authentic style bistro is heaven. While there's no option for bottomless mimosas I urge you to reach out and try a "French 75". With the food...there's no wrong option on the menu! Start with a pastry basket (or two!) before delving into your main course. I'm a fan of the Steel Cut Oats if I'm craving something hearty and the Quiche Florentine with a side salad if I want my veggies. When we're with family a plate of bacon is always a hit and I know Z loooves the duck; it's his kryptonite!


Tico is known for it's small plates, but their brunch is totally noteworthy too. Who wouldn't love breakfast burritos paired with a hibiscus margarita first thing in the morning? Want something lighter - a bagel with lox is the perfect companion for their house bloody mary - a Bloody Chancho (comes with tequila!).

kyrisian 1.1.jpg


Kyrisian may be the newest spot on this list, but it became a very quick favorite. It's French-Japanese fusion cuisine totally intrigued us, and we definitely are hooked. We first went when they were still testing out whether or not they'd do brunch, and since have been back many times (with family, with friends, and just us). My favorite dish was one I had the first day; the ginger-scallion omelet. It tastes like a ramen omelet (but only if you've ever had good ramen). What else keeps me coming back? The rotating quad of donut holes! Our first visit we hadamatcha donut, red miso, Chinese custard, and I honestly can't remember. Another time we went they had a lemony one, and most recently they had passionfruit, a chocolatey one that tasted like a s'more, and a coffee-vanilla-bean donut hole. SO GOOD. Really, I just love everything on the menu.

Nido in DC


Rhode Island Avenue isn't the foodie hotspot central of DC, yet when Nido opened it came with such a buzz that we HAD to try it out. Set with whitewashed exposed brick and airy greenery, night time offers a romantic mood with soft candlelight. Come morning, though, the restaurant transforms in a beautiful sunlit space, shedding light on the artisan tile floors. While I go for the décor, I stay for the food. While dinner had us coming back for more, we finally tried their brunch and it blew us away. Normally I shy away from sweets for breakfast but the nuts and berries with their pancakes make it too good! I'm also a fan of the quiche and salad, while Zander prefers Steak and Eggs.

Firefly DC Brunch review


If you're a tourist in DC I could bet my money that Firefly is within walking distance to your hotel. This place was one of the first places Z brought me for brunch when we were dating, and it's cozy, romantic, and whimsical atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for a date. With a tree in the middle of the restaurant, and little tea lights in jars, Firefly makes you feel like you're in a fairy wood. And the magic doesn't stop there; their mimosas are spectacular, their deviled eggs are something to crave long after they're gone, and their rotating French toast is always seasonably on point. AND, they have avocado toast to fulfill your instagram needs. Must I say more?! 

These are my top 5 brunches in DC, and you can be sure I'll be coming back to them all soon! Do you have a favorite spot to grab a hearty breakfast with a side of champagne? Let me know your faves!

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DC's Best Brunches
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