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Are Calvin Klein Underwear Worth the Hype?

Are Calvin Klein Underwear Worth the Hype?

I remember my first piece of Calvin Klein intimates; I was 13 and shopping for one of my first bras with my mom at Nordstrom's when the sales woman brought in a Calvin Klein triangle bra. It was the softest fabric and a comfortable band, a perfect introduction for bra-newb teen Sahra.

As trends do, the Calvin Klein fad of the late 90s has come back around. Celebs have been wearing them and they brought back their minimalist greyscale ads featuring top icons like Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and more. But, is this trend worth it?

Calvin Kleins
My Calvins

I've recently gone back to Calvin Klein underwear and, for the past year, have been swapping out my other brands to only Calvins. Why? These are THE MOST COMFORTABLE underwear. They're unfussy. They're made of Breathable, soft cotton and a thick waistband that doesn't bunch or ride up. The sports bras, and everyday bras, are the same; simple and comfortable, making my work outs chicer than ever. And what about the men? Well, Z has joined me on the Calvins closet and he is just as impressed as I have been.

The Verdict? YES. Calvin Klein is worth the hype and you should probably get yourself some now. Shop them here:

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Are Calvin Klein worth the hype?
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