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How to Make 2019 Your Best HAIR Year EVER

How to Make 2019 Your Best HAIR Year EVER

Disclaimer: this post is in partnership with Formulate. All image and opinions are my own.

It’s 2019 and we live in the future. There are self driving cars, designer babies, and handheld devices with everything you could want or need just a touch away. We are also in an age of custom everything. We know that one size does not fit all; there’s customizable work out routines, skin care regimens, beauty treatments, et cetera. Why shouldn’t your hair get the same unique treatment?

Um, obviously it should.

Enter: Formulate.

Formulate: Custom created shampoo and conditioner that fits your lifestyle and hair needs

Formulate is shampoo & conditioner, perfectly engineered just for you - that evolves with you. Formulated based on your hair and environment. You begin by taking their online quiz, where they ask you everything from where do you live to what type of hair you have, even how often you exercise. You know, the things that actually affect your hairs performance and sheen. They then work with their expert team of chemists and beauty gurus to create the perfect blend of hair products just for you.

I’ve been using my custom Formulate formula for two weeks now and here are the results - and they speak for themselves! My hair has never been happier or healthier to have the right concoction to make it that perfect softness I’ve always wanted.

Formulate Hair Care - fusing technology and beauty

Want to try Formulate for yourself? YOU’RE IN LUCK! I’m giving away a FREE custom shampoo and conditioner, right on Formulate! You can also request a sample while you’re there, waiting to see if you’ve won!

giveaway is open until March 2nd and winner will be announced that week. GOOD LUCK!

How do you treat your hair? Have you started using more custom hair and beauty products?

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