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Foreign Whiskies You Should Know Now

Foreign Whiskies You Should Know Now

when you think of whiskey you probably think Kentucky, or maybe Tennessee. Or, abroad, you may think Scotland and Ireland may be the only places producing worthwhile whiskies. But then you'd be wrong.

As notorious liquor-lovers, especially with Z's affinity for dark manly liquors, we've enjoyed finding local products in all of the places we've traveled. We're definitely excited to check out Whiskies of the World on March 24th, and get a taste of over 200 whiskies from, well, around the world. In anticipation, here are a few more places and whiskies that should be on your radar.

  • Iwai - Japan

One thing we realized in our travels through Japan is that 1) Japanese LOVE their drinks! They're a fan of Happy Hours and going HARD after they work hard. Iwai is one of our favorite brands that we found in Japan that we can still find here in the states.

Iwai Japanese Whiskey
  • Three Ships - South Africa

South Africa is known for their wine, but once we found Three Ships we realized that they know how to do more than crush grapes! Smooth, imported, and deliciously refreshing, we definitely try to pick this up whenever we see it in a shop!

  • Lark - Tasmania

Another country that you wouldn't peg for making whisky is surprisingly, refreshingly good. fun Fact I just learned: Australia was once the international purveyor of all things whiskey - and after some law changes, Oceania is on the rise again with artfully distilled bottles.

  • Amrut - India

Personally, I feel like India is most known for its rum, but apparently India has the most whisky drinkers out of any country on earth. Semi understandable since they have the most people on earth, but still! Quite impressive. And while I have yet to try this whisky, it comes with great reviews and I am only hoping I get to have a taste of it at Whiskies of the World.

  • 66 Gillead - Canada

Our neighbors to the north may have it colder than us, but that just means they need more, and better, liquor blankets! 66 Gillead produces a special Crimson Rye whisky, but also has a white oak, proving that they are not to be messed with when it comes to getting creative and making something delicious.

Cigars and Whiskey via Que Sera Sahra

Have you tried whisky from anywhere else around the world? Do you have a favorite? Share below! And if you live in the Bay Area, join me on March 24th and get a taste of over 200 whiskies from all over at Whiskies of the World.


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