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5 Tips for The Perfect Couples Photos

5 Tips for The Perfect Couples Photos

engagement couple shoot tips

I'm very lucky to have been blessed to be marrying a man who loves fashion as much as I do. While he's a little more reticent to be photographed for the blog, the whole wedding planning thing has spurred a more appreciative approach to photos of us together for him.

Today I want to talk about how to dress for a couples photo shoot! If you're shooting your engagement photos, wedding photos, or just some shots of you as a couple you'll need to know these 5 tips.

perfect engagement shoot tips


1. Don't MATCH.

If there's anything that grinds my gears about couples shoots its when the couple is perfectly matching. For example, if they are wearing the same color blue it will be hard to differentiate between where one person ends and the other begins. Sure, that sounds cute, but I promise it doesn't translate well in photos. It just becomes to overwhelming and distracting to the viewer.

While you shouldn't match each other, you should also be aware of where you are shooting and to not match your background. For example, if you are shooting in a field, you wouldn't wear green. Why? You guessed it! You'd get lost among the colors, a bobbing head.

2. Choose Outfits that Compliment Each Other.

Alright, so you know not to match. So what do you wear? Personally, I think one person should go with a bold color and the other should pick a neutral. For example, in the photos above I am in a blue dress. In each looks, Z is in a grey suit, one with a hint of coordination to tie it in with my look. In the photo below, I am in white and Z gets to wear the bold blue!

3. Make Each Other Laugh.

During our first engagement shoot our photographer, Sara, told Z to whisper something funny in my ear. I won't tell you what it was, but to this day he will still say that phrase in photo shoots just to get a natural laugh and a truly authentic smile out of me. It always works and leaves us in stitches. So find a funny phrase, tell a funny story, or simply tell each other you love each other. Bring something authentic to the moment and this will help make your photos natural, and help you shine.


One thing I notice about people who aren't comfortable or don't have much experience in front of the camera is the way they hold their body. Many people are stiff, unsure of themselves, and will try to pose with their shoulders. DO NOT DO THIS. Take a deep breath, roll your shoulders bag, open your eyes, and smile. And hey, if you need a shot or a mimosa before to help you let loose that always helps too!

5. Have FUN!

When you need to create authentic photos that capture your love, just have fun! During our couples shoots you'll see outtakes of Z and I dancing, making silly faces, hugging each other... Sure, engagement and wedding photos are serious and will be forever memorialized but not every photo needs to be perfectly poised and flawless. And sometimes the outtakes are the best ones !


There you have it, my top 5 tips for getting great photos of you and your honey! What do you think?

Special thanks to DC photographer in11views and Charleston photographer Sara Bee for the wonderful photos of Z and me!

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