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5 Ways to Beat a Cold

5 Ways to Beat a Cold

If you follow me on Instagram than you may have noticed a couple of things; 1. my posting has been way down and no, that's not even the InstaGram Algorithm (okay, it's that too). 2. my voice has been raspy or non-existent any time I talk.

confession: I have been sick for a month and a half

It started as a little cold, which then turned into bronchitis, which morphed into pneumonia, which turned into infections in other parts of my body... you get it. Normally, I get sick and can get over it pretty quickly by taking care of myself but this time, between two birthdays, the holidays, driving across country, starting a new job, all of our belongings being stuck in snowstorms... you get the gist of it. 

Finally, though, I am on the mend. Thanks to some doctors orders and some help from Nature's Way I am starting to feel better! I'm taking care of myself and listening to the signs of my body to help it recover, and wanted to share how you too can nip a cold in the butt as soon as it starts (or months later, that works too).

Everything You need to beat cold season with Nature's Way

1. The first step to beating a cold is attacking it at the first sign of one. I like anything with Zinc and/or Vitamin D as those both amp up the immune system. These Sambucus elderberry gummies have both and they taste delicious, making me feel like I'm eating candy instead of medicine!

2. Keep the cough in! Coughing, despite covering your mouth, spews germs everywhere. Do yourself and those around you a favor and grab some lozenges and soothe your throat. Even better if said lozenges come with the health benefits of extra Zinc.

Sambucus Gummies to fight a cold
Sick Day Advice: Watch a Day Off Movie

3. R&R. Seriously, nothing helps your body heal better than relaxing and resting. Take the day off of work, keep your phone across the room, and throw on some mindless TV or a movie and curl up under some blankets. Watch something nostalgic and it'll really help you get into that sick day vibes.

4. Okay, soooo this may not be the most medically sound advice, but whenever I'm not feeling well I'll mix myself up a cocktail. "DRINKING WHILE SICK" you say? I say yes, but only if it's a whiskey-and-ginger-with-elderflower liquor. Guys, something about these elder-things (elderberries, elderflowers, elderwands...) seems to have health benefits. Plus, the whiskey is sometimes, mostly scientifially, proven to shorten a cold and mixed with the ginger gives your throat something smooth and sweet. It's a winning sick cocktail, I promise.

5. When all else fails, go to the doctor. Don't end up like me, claiming there's no time and you're too busy. If you've had a cold for more than a week you should get yourself checked out to make sure you're not worsening and eventually get yourself into a terrible state. Also, there's that like, deadly flu going around and IDK about you but let's not die OKAY!?

Embrace the Sick Day with Nature's Way

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