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Giving A Home for the Holidays

Giving A Home for the Holidays

Did you know that the holidays are the NUMBER ONE time for adoption for pets? Did you also know that by spring many of those pets will be returned to shelters?


Which is why, especially this time of year, I’m so so grateful to be able to come home to my pooch. If you didn’t know, we adopted our darling Butch in 2014, right after we bought our home and figured Maven (our cat) needed a new friend. We knew we wanted a pitbull; I had fostered the breed when I lived in New York City and knew that pitbulls are a breed that are often overlooked for their perceived temperament and “scary” stature. It’s all fake, though, as any one who has ever met a pitbull type dog knows - they are the sweetest dogs possible.

So my husband and I looked online and ventured to our local animal shelter, eager to meet our new family member. We took our time, nearly two months, to find the perfect pooch. Our darling Butch was waiting at the shelter; what they considered a “hidden gem”; he’d been in their shelter system for over a year and a half, in and out of foster homes, and no one could understand why. He loved to cuddle, never barked, was house trained, and good with both cats and children. In my mind, he spent so long waiting for his forever family. Waiting for US. Ever since, we’ve been an inseparable family. Butch loves the world - kids, his cats (Maven and the newest addition, Miss Cleo), kids of all ages and sizes, the beach, sun beams, random people on the street, long squeaky snake toys.

The sad thing, though, is that not all people love Butch. Him being in the pitbull family means that some people aren’t as nice to him. Here in San Francisco, a lot of people have stereotypes of him in their head. They will see my husband walking him and they will cross the road, fearful of something. They may see me walking him, and be a little more friendly. I guess a big guy with a beard and a pitbull is scarier than a petite girl with one?

Butch the Pitbull

There are times when we are at the dog park, and some dog parents will side eye me for having my dog off leash, when it is in fact an off leash park, in which their dog is probably off leash.

The thing about pitbulls, especially in a big city like San Francisco, is that they have a bad rep, but are honestly probably better for your family than a chihuahua or other small dog. Butch even has a friend dachshund that everyone knows is the bully in the relationship! Just this morning I was walking Butch in our neighborhood, when his “nemesis”, this english bully named Roxie, charged at him from across the street, forcing him to hide behind my legs. Because the truth is, he may be 70lbs of muscle, but he is a giant scaredy-cat mushball.

PItbulls - don't bully my breed
Butch the Greatest Pitbull

The point of all this, at the time of the holidays, is to highlight that 1, it is a great time to adopt a pet, but one that you will keep in your family forever; and 2, that pitbulls should not be overlooked when searching for your newest fur-family addition.

Why Pitbulls are a Great Family Dog

Have you encountered a pitbull that defied your expectations? Have you adopted a pet into your family during the holiday time, this year or in the past? Let me know in the comments!

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