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3 Decor Trends to Be On The Lookout For

3 Decor Trends to Be On The Lookout For

It's no surprise that Z and I love all things design; from style and fashion to artful food and of course, interior décor. We definitely take pride in the curated aesthetic of our home and are always looking for little ways to upgrade and paying attention to the trends. It sure helps that I studied a bit of trend forecasting in college, too!

Today I wanted to talk about décor trends that will be making a big splash in the coming few years!

1. Matching the Draperie to The Wallpaper

Unless you've been turning a blind eye to décor trends, you'll have noticed wall coverings back in style. These modern fresh takes are perfect for renters since they're easy to apply and remove, as opposed to the glued-to-the-wall papers of yester-year. But while we're covering our walls in fun florals, I think we should also be looking towards matching the drapes. There's something so congruous and put together about the look that I think it's going to be MAJ.

How to rock it? Well, I'm not saying you should go all-out and have matching bedding too, but I think the furniture in the room should play off of the print but in bold, solid hues.

2. Sunken Tubs

Y'all know I'm a sucker for a good soak. While I love me a good jetted tub or a vintage clawfoot, I think the design gods are making a trendy move towards the sunken tub. It offers more headspace and is easier to maneuver in and out of, while also creating cleaner sight lines in a bathroom. I think this trend is going to get a little more grown up from your grandmother's home of pink basins; think minimalist lines, beautiful stones, steps, wide windows, and larger sizes for the best suds.


3. Patterned Tiles

I'm totalllly loving a bold patterned bathroom floor and fun patterned kitchens (if it's done tastefully). This trend is inspired by Moroccan tiles and more global inspiration, as well as the tile floors of fun coffee shops seen under the "#Ihavethisthingwithfloors" hashtag. Whether you go classic black and white with a twist, mermaid, or full on hacienda style, this trend is sure to make a statement.

So what do you think of these decor trends? Will you be embarking on any of these in your home?


Decor Trends to Watch


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Femme Mal Fait