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2019 Goals Before I'm 30 (!?!)

2019 Goals Before I'm 30 (!?!)

Guys. This may be my biggest GOALS list ever. Why? Because, as I’ve mentioned, these are not so much New Years Resolutions, but actually goals for before my next birthday. And my next birthday? I turn the BIG THREE-OH. Dear god. I am turning thirty. Which is super scary. I never thought I’d be where I am in life right now. To be honest, I was a young dumb kid who never thought I’d make it to 18, then 25, then past 27 (that curse!), and now… I’m almost 30?

This year, I have some big goals to accomplish, so let’s get into them.

  1. Visit MORE new states! As I’ve been mentioning for several years, I want to see all 50 states by the time I’m 30. These can be quick stopovers, drive throughs, etc. My Uncle is getting married in the South this year, so I’ll likely tick off Mississippi and Alabama (the coasts!) and I want to try to visit Alaska in the springtime.

  2. Visit a New Country: I’m a bit bummed our passports went without a fresh stamp this past year, but I don’t think Z nor I can keep the wanderlust at bay anymore! Bring on an adventure (though to where, I’m not sure yet!)

  3. Take my health even more seriously. Man, 28 was rough for my healthwise. I had pneumonia, which turned into a more major infection, which basically ruined my immune system and other parts of my body. Also, I’m not getting any younger but I am getting a teensy bit closer to maybe possible becoming a parent, and for that I’d like to START in some pretty good shape and health. This also means, though, I am trying to steer clear of all caffeine (again) and cutting back on alcohol, which is something I had started doing this past year. Also, actually putting my gym membership to use.

  4. Treat Yo Self. I’m almost 30, I finally have a burgeoning career and side hustle, and have been getting better with money. I’ve slowly but surely been growing my luxury bag collection (starting with my vintage Louis Vuitton from my Mother in Law, my vintage Gucci from eBay, and my newest YSL Kate bag, also from eBay. This year, I want to treat myself to a new designer bag - specifically looking at the Chanel Boy Bag. You know, classics that I hope to one day pass on to my children.

  5. Speaking of burgeoning side hustle, this year I want to take Shop The City even further. Ideally, I’d love to start collaborating with bloggers, youtubers, and InstaStars to help show how much fun cleaning out your closet with little ol’ MOI can be!

  6. Get comfortable in front of the camera. TBH, YouTube videos have long been on my list of things to try to get into. Heck, I even tried to do VlogMas this year. I give myself an even 50/50 on that project; I did Vlog everyday but did nothing with the videos because I’m awkward and editing is so time consuming. I do want to get comfortable, though, and try to do better. All I can do is try!

  7. Wake up 30, on a beach. Basically, I’m making it my goal to celebrate my 30th Birthday in Hawaii, waking up to the sounds of the ocean and only needing a bikini for style.

  8. Go Full Cali. I grew up vacationing on the southern coast of Maine, surfing the small to medium waves. It’s 2019 and I’ve been California living for a whole year. Let’s take this to the max and get back into surfing (I live so close to some of the best beaches for it!), Skiing or Snowboarding (next time I’m in Tahoe), and getting a motorcycle license so I can scooter/Vespa all over the city!

2019 Goal: Treat Yo Self

What are your goals/resolutions for the New Year? I’d love to know!

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