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New Year, New Me, and the Freshest Skin

New Year, New Me, and the Freshest Skin


As we welcome in the New Year I’m beginning the year with a monthlong series on treating yourself to some luxe living. The first stop in the series? SKIN CARE. It’s time to tuck yourself in for an at-home spa day with these great picks and tricks to have your skin glowing and feeling moisturized, no matter how cold and dry the air is!

The First Step - pour yourself some wine, or a delicious mocktail if you’re doing Dry-anuary like me.

Starting with a Clean Face - your guide to the best skin in 2019

Second Step is to clean your face. I love using these black make up towels to not ruin any of my other hand towels and my favorite Mary Kay make up remover. I’ll then do an all over cleanser; sometimes I use a Simple Make Up Wipe, but when I’m feeling bougie I’ll use my Korean Snail Cleanser.

Step Three: gather your supplies for your fresh skin spa day. I recommend some VII Oxygen eye masks, a Jade Roller, some sheet masks (I love shopping Sephora or TJ Maxx for mine). I’m really loving these VII Oxygen eye masks as an easy way to treat my skin - you just put them on before bed (leave them on for up to 8 hours) and awake with refreshed and revitalized eyes! Under-eye puff begone!

VII Oxygen Eye Masks to up your beauty game in 2019
VII Oxygen Eye Mask to depuff eyes
The key to the softest skin in 2019? La Mer moisturizer

Step Four is to not forget the rest of your body! I love a good hand or foot mask, something I discovered while in South Korea. Can’t find a good foot mask? Get some deep hydrating lotion and some fuzzy socks. Lather on an excessive amount of lotion and then pull your socks over them and leave them on for a few hours and your feet will be softer than ever. While you’ve got the lotion, be sure to slather some on the rest of your body. '

Moisture is a key in the anti-aging process. Skin that is well moisturized won’t age as quick.

Oxygen helps, too, like the VII Oxygen Eye Masks! And, while wine may not reverse the aging process, it is a lovely perk to being of legal drinking age.

Drink that wine, scare the kids or spouse, and have that relaxing spa night. You deserve it, girlfriend!

Now tell me, what’s your favorite way to indulge your skin?

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