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A look back on 2018's Goals

A look back on 2018's Goals

Every year I share my goals for the year and what I hope to accomplish. Since my birthday is in December, they’re not so much “New Year Resolutions” so much as things to accomplish before the next year of my life.

Now, 2018 was a whirlwind, but not so much of a whirlwind as 2017 (read: get married, travel 7 countries in under a month, moved across the country). Here’s a refresher on my goals for 2018, but let’s get into how I did on reaching them.

Couple Visits their 38th State Together
  1. Visit a New Country: This did not happen this year. After so many countries and exploring in 2017, we took a bit of a break and focused on exploring our new home state and the surrounding areas. We are a little bummed to not have a passport stamp, and considered a last minute trip to Vancouver, but our holiday travel schedule is not being so forgiving. But you best believe that 2019 will get us some stamps!

  2. Visit a New State: THIS happened! I’ve always had a goal of seeing all 50 states by the time I’m 30 (eeee - that’s getting close!), and we made some major head way this year by visiting a total of eight, including FIVE in one long weekend (Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho). We also ventured to Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.

  3. Focus on Blogging, but only if it makes me happy. I did; and it did. Moving to a new place that allowed my personality to shine a bit more than DC (it was slightly stifled by the style there) which led way to amazing partnerships and friends who have inspired me to keep it going. Not to mention, finding a great photographer who helps me create some magic!

  4. Read More. Guys, I tried. I partnered with Capsule Books and read three amazing books in one week of vacation. But then the real world happened and my 15 minute commute was not enough time to make as big a dent as I hoped in my reading list. Never the less, I’ve been buying a bunch of great books and am looking forward to the Christmas Holiday to stay in and get some more reading done.

    Make Friends. I DID THIS YO. It’s always scary moving to a new place and trying to make friends as an adult, but I’ve found some amazing friends both through blogging, through BumbleBFF, and through general life! Proud to have so many amazing woman and friends come into my life this year <3

  1. Be Money Smart. So, I started to do this. I grew my savings account, found ways to cut back on dining out, made some small investments, and trimmed my wardrobe budget. But do you know what that did? It made my investment [purchases….read: designer duds] and vacation funds rise. But you know what they say - travel is the only thing you can spend money on that makes you richer. I’d give myself an B+ on this one.

  2. Grow my Following. I, admittedly vainly, had a goal of reaching 10K followers on InstaGram - all for the swipe up feature. A year later, and I still don’t have it. Some days I get so mad at myself, wondering what I’m doing wrong, why more people don’t follow me. Other days, I chalk it up to that I’m just not right for everyone and thats okay.

  3. Go on dates. I had this idea that I didn’t want to fall into the trap of a dateless marriage, and so far we haven’t! Z and I go to brunch dates, go on fancy dinner dates, trying new restaurants and bars in our new city. Here’s hoping we never stop dating each other!

  4. Buy FRESH. Omg this may be the one goal I succeeded in most for 2018! We started the year buying from our local bodegas, but that’s pricey. Then we discovered Imperfect Produce - fresh, organic, “ugly” produce for a fraction of grocery prices! After that, we tried Hello Fresh and also loved it - there was never any leftovers or waste. We have eaten so well AND saved money while doing it this year!


And that’s all! Overall, I give myself an B+ on goal actualization for 2018. Stay tuned to see 2019’s goals for tomorrow!

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