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The BEST Organizations to Support This Giving Tuesday

The BEST Organizations to Support This Giving Tuesday

Welcome all to my FOURTH installment of Giving Tuesday - the holiday where, instead of spending the whole day spending money on tangible gifts for friends and loved ones, you donate your excess money to great causes.

Last year appropriately focused on organizations like the ACLU, LGBTQ communities, Planned Parenthood, and other organizations that were faltering due to the new president. The year before, I focused on women’s health and malaria organizations.

This year’s for the DOGS. Well, all animals truly.

It’s 2018 and California just passed some groundbreaking laws to support farmers and farm animals, but I’ll also focus on some international rescues that are helping animals in places where shelters and ample homes aren’t available for all.


First off, Riviera Rescue. God, even thinking about the work that they do brings on the onion eyes. This one man team living in the jungle outside of Cancun spends his days paroling the streets, handing out free meals to strays, and taking home the ones who need veterinary care and extra TLC. Some of his rescues have come to the States to find their forever homes, parapalegic dogs like Frida getting a new lease on life after spending the first portions of their life dragging themselves through their own filth to try to battle healthier dogs for scraps of meals. Matteo is currently working closely with a dog who was found with open tumors all over his body, a rescue who had been neglected and left with a chain so short he couldn’t even lay down, and

You can support Matteo’s efforts via his Riviera Rescue Facebook page (there’s a donate button!), or follow along on InstaGram and donate when he shares his link! Trust me, if you don’t feel compelled to donate to his animals, then idk what you have in place of a heart.

tears ct.png

Next, another foreign animal shelter is TEARS, based out of Cape Town South Africa. TEARS ( The Emma Animal Rescue Society) offers a home for displaced dogs and cats, and also works closely with helping the feral population. When I was in South Africa I was amazed at the wild dogs and cats, but also saddened and thought “wouldn’t it be cool to open up a shelter and help the animals?” Clearly, this “Emma” had the same idea!

SF Animal Care and Control

Bringing it back “home”, California has seem so crazy devastation. My favorite local shelter, SF Animal Care and Control (that I actually used to volunteer at!), has taken in so many of the displaced animals and is helping to reunite them with their owners, all while still working effortlessly to get SFs strays off the streets and into their furever homes. SF ACC even helps people down on their luck or displaced by taking care of their animals until they have a home ready to take them back into their lives. They’re a “no kill” shelter, meaning they do everything in their power to save any and all furry animals in the Bay Area. You can help support all of their efforts here, and order from their Amazon Wishlist here.


Moving away from traditional animals, let’s talk about one of my faves - elephants! I’ve mentioned David Sheldrick Wildlife Fund before, and I love their efforts in rescuing orphaned, sick, and abandoned elephants throughout all of Kenya and the surrounding areas.

Another great elephant organization, that also rescues dogs, cats, rhinos, and other animals, is Elephant Nature Park, based out of Chiang Mai Thailand. It’s the most notoriously well respected elephant organization in all of Thailand, and after having worked with them last year I can say that it is an amazing organization truly changing the scope of animal treatment and welfare in the Asian countries.

That’s all I have for this year! I wish you the best, and the most fortunate holiday season. I hope you choose to donate your funds, if any you have extra, to one of these amazing organizations.

Happy Holidays!

Black and White and Red All Over

Black and White and Red All Over

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Cozy and Content, like the colors of autumn