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Girl Crush: Olivia Palermo

untitled-shoot-_P8X3897 I know this isn't breaking news; Olivia Palermo is a Street Style Star. She's been on my radar ever since her The City days where she battled it out with Whitney Port. Back then while I appreciated her style, it wasn't me. It didn't resonate with the still punk-y college girl on a college girl budget. Now that I'm a big girl and both of our styles have evolved I can definitely say that I look to Olivia for inspiration.



Olivia Palermo Silk Scarf Fur Coat

She's feminine and flirty, but her cut throat attitude still shines through. She's not afraid to make a bold statement or try something new, and I love that. It's something old Sahra and new Sahra both appreciate her for. And lucky for me, and all the other girls who look to Olivia with #goals flashing in our minds, she has created a totally affordable collection for Nordstrom's; and it's full of gorgeous pieces that need to get in my closet STAT.

5 Things I Read Daily

5 Things I Read Daily

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