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Experience: Paint Nite

Paint Nite DCWhile young you probably hated art class—actually, who am I kidding; if you’re reading my blog you’re creatively inclined and probably lived for art classes. I certainly did! Now that we’re adults we spend our time formerly blocked off for after school crafts at happy hours and networking mixers. Merging the youth with our adult preferences, wine and paint (though seemingly a recipe for sartorial disaster) is the hottest trend for social soirees right now. Celebs like “Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman have hopped on the train by bringing friends for some drunk art.

Paint Nite offered me and 3 friends the chance to get in on the fun here in DC. I chose my begrudging BF (of course) and my friends Natasha and Dan to join me in the nostalgia of acrylic paints and smooth canvas. We went to Nellie’s of U St. to paint “A Walk In The Park”. Being rebels (and already having a glass of wine in us) we decided to get creative and go off prompt. Z and Dan began by following the prompt while Natasha and I went dark and moody. Adding purple and navy tones to our blue skies. As the drinks started flowing we became more confident in our painting. Our instructor walked by with assistance but was very supportive of us doing our own creative thing as well.

Paint Nite DC By the end of the two hours we had 4 unique paintings. My favorite is Dan’s, because he followed the prompt and has some serious hidden talents. I also love Natasha’s unique and political take on it. Zander’s was dark but still much like the prompt. While mine…well, let’s just say I’m way better at drinking wine than painting. But you, you may be better. If you want to try your hand at Paint Nite, use code “TWITTER” for 35% off your first session ! Paint Nite DC Paint Nite DC Fun Fact:(also, my excuse for not having posted sooner and for not blogging much this week): After putting our paintings in our car and heading down the block for a Restaurant Week dinner, our car was stolen. We were gone barely an hour and a half and someone took our dinosaur of a jeep. Thankfully, as of 8/21 it has been found and returned to us, complete with our paintings, YAY! Now we can finally find a space to hang our memories of a night well spent.

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