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1821 Bitters

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It's no secret that I love a good drink. Lucky for me, I found a man who's even more passionate than I am about booze. He's always trying new concoctions, mixes, and brands of liquor for tasty libations. Bitters, most commonly used in old fashioneds, have been commonplace on our bar cart with various flavors in rotation. This holiday season I found 1821 Bitters and knew, with their unique flavorings and small batch flair, that they were the perfect addition. They're so good, I had to share with you readers!

If you didn't know, bitters are a common ingredient in classic cocktails. They're high in alcohol content so are not meant to be drank on their own (neat or on the rocks). Seriously, don't try it. Due to their potency it is best to only drop 2-3 drips into each drink so as to not overpower the cocktail.

I got a three-pack sampler of craft bitters including the flavors Earl Grey, Japanese Chili and Lime, and Tart Cherry and Saffron. Let's start with Z and I's favorite, the Earl Grey; it tastes quite like the tea, light and smooth. Mixed with whiskey in an old fashioned or a Manhattan and it's the perfect afternoon sipper. For a bit of flair on a warm day I'll even add it to a classic gin and tonic (and skip the lime)!

Next up, the Japanese Chili and Lime is a spicy blend for the adventurous drinker. I know it's a bold pairing, but I put this into a margarita with extra orange juice; a fruity spice bomb in my mouth with every sip! For even more fruity fun I'll swap mango juice for 'Rita mix and use a spicy habanero tequila. I just love to live life spicy, YA know!?

Lastly, the Tart Cherry and Saffron. When Z first got these it was the most puzzling bitters to find a use for; the unique pairing of flavors threw us off mentally, but make sense in smell and taste. Paired into a classic martini is the best way we've chosen to enjoy this, letting the cherry flavors embody everything else.

1821 Bitters, named after their prohibition era high time, are out of this world delicious, and a great gift for any cocktail enthusiast in your life. Looking to start small? 1821 Bitters also offers the classic cocktail bitters set. Want even bolder flavor? Check out their full stock and be sure to follow them!

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