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Home Updates!

 photo updates_zpsefba8a02.jpg6 weeks ago (that long already!?) Z and I signed on our first house. 3 weeks were spent renovating before we moved in, and now we've been here for 3 weeks (including that week we spent on a beach!). Z and I, both having come from long lists of small apartments, were a little overwhelmed with the task of unpacking and decorating an entire house, to say the least. We definitely under estimated it, but we've put in plenty of time and the pieces are starting to come together.  The bookshelves are set up (and still, somehow, overflowing), and the gallery wall is on display (complete with Buffalo Taxidermy c/o Near and Deer, Society6 prints, and custom artwork from family and friends). Our main floor is basically done, except for minor tweaking which many of our elders suggest may take up to a year until it feels set. I thought it'd take a week, tops, but seriously, no one tells you just how hard it is to acquire furnishings for a full house and to decorate between two variant aesthetics.

 photo animalgallery_zps6d87c95c.jpg
 photo litbooks_zps8016c3cb.jpg
 photo bookshelves_zps0cff966c.jpg
 photo zinesrack_zpsbd064b87.jpg
 photo bar_zps73a8c414.jpg
The dining room is a godsend for us, a wonderful luxury. We eat there nightly, instead of parked in front of the TV, and have already enjoyed hosting family and friends for meals.
 photo dining_zpsa611e24d.jpg photo bath_zps63338b30.jpg

The Bathroom is set in a mermaid-meets-shipwreck theme, and is definitely still a slow and steady project as we piece it together perfectly.

The rest of the house? A struggle. We thought we had our bedroom prepared, but as it's come together we've realized that we want to do things differently. Currently boasting greyscale bedding against oceanic blue walls with the most amazing "No Vacancy" print (c/o Oliver Gal Artists, get it here!), we've concluded that we want to add more bright orange to tie things together! Sheets or a throw, and...a dog bed! It's been difficult to find the perfect orange hue at an affordable price in a fabric we love, but we're getting there.
 photo bedroom_zps994d7221.jpg
The guest room and the office are the slowest projects of them all; with technical difficulties (read: a boxspring not fitting up the stairs, having two sets of mattress and neither fitting the bed frame), losing pieces in boxes, and being picky about furniture, we're making do with that we can for now. Hope fully, though, these spaces can come together and I can share with you a dreamy blogger workspace and an AirBnB worthy guest quarters.

Let me know your thoughts as of present! If anyone wants to offer some design advice, my HGTV saturated mind could use it!

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