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Monday Morning Inspiration

Fun Fact: I once (maybe kind of still do) wanted a tattoo across my chest that said "here's to feeling infinite", an ode to those moments where life just HITS YOU and is like "you are alive, this is real, this is amazing". Iconic moments. Many of mine have happened while at NYFW, whether it was being a guest at Alice + Olivia's presentation or walking the runway myself for Avril Limieux. Other times have been seeing my favorite bands in concert, getting goosebumps in 90 degree weather over live versions of songs I'd played on repeat as a 13 year old.

Nowadays, I'm in a constant state of awe; so grateful for all the good that's happening right now, even with all the stress it has brought with it. I'm grateful for the best daily company; Z and Maven. And I'm grateful for my conscientious noticing of all the good things I have right now.

I hope you too find things you are grateful for, people that make your life complete, moments that make you feel alive, and passion that lights your fire.

Happy Monday, Folks.

XO Sahra

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