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It's Official! #SandZBuyAHouse

#SandZBuyAHouseWell, we did it. We've adulted. We bought a house (officially). We have the keys and have started renovating. You've already seen the plans for most of the rooms, now it's on to the layout of the house.We've been using RoomSketcher to plan out our house. The team over there gave us a VIP package that allows us to create our ideal home using coveted products from Ikea and Crate and Barrel, and more. You already saw some room inspirations and plans, but now you can see the home as a whole! Using the 3D floor plans, you can see our plans for the whole house below: Main Floor Top Floor Basement As you can see, our first floor will have our formal living room, dining room, and kitchen. The second floor has our bedroom, a guest bedroom (future AirBnB!), the  closet/office (QSS Headquarters), and the one and only full bathroom. Our basement will be our TV Rec room; I hope to add a ping pong table or something else fun to fill the [ginormous] space and our TV will go mounted on top of an existing fireplace there. There's a little nook that we are considering turning into a bar or a "Cat corner", right next to a HUGE walk-in closet that we'll use as seasonal storage (currently housing fur coats galore). As you may notice, the downstairs bathroom has just a toilet. No, that's not a mistake, and no there's not a sink; the previous owners were total DIY-ers and this was their idea of a bathroom. This'll do for a bit, but eventually, this little lady and her handsome handy boyfriend are going to make a full on basement bathroom retreat. Jacuzzi tub, where are you!?

A little more about RoomSketcher: First off, it's easy to use. I just pick a floor plan shape, add some walls, doors, and stairs, and then start adding furniture! You can alter the floors and walls of every room, pick from thousands of furnishings and utilities, and truly make it as close to your home as possible! There are three versions of RoomSketcher you can get; There's a FREE version which allows you to create 2D floor plans, 3D views and images, and a 360 panoramic view. The second version is VIP, which RoomSketcher alotted me to trial out! With this package you get 2D and 3D floor plans (like mine above) as well as 2D and 3D images, a 360 view, a 3D walk through, on-the-go access, and other project perks. Now, if you're really getting into the design process you can sign up for RoomSketcher Pro. This is what you see all the folks on HGTV using to design the homes of their clients. Pros get all that's included in Free and VIP as well as the opportunity to create custom floor plans (instead of picking a shape like I've done), project features that allow you to showcase the changes you'll make (think the sliding wood floors and dropping in of furniture you see Drew doing on Property Brothers), sharing capabilities, and more special perks.

RoomSketcher may seem intimidating to use, but with constant support and easy to follow how-to videos, it's a service that can turn any curious creative into a design pro. The best part? You can try out the Free service, and if you want to upgrade, VIP is only $49 a year and Pro is just $99 a year!

What do you think of the plans for my house? Be sure to check out RoomSketcher and follow me to keep updated about how the house comes together!

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