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Decor Inspo: The Living Room

The first room to walk into in Z and my's new home will be our formal living/family room; one that will be as eclectic as we are. The vibe will be a ménage; homey-bohemian meets vintage with hints of modern aesthetic. We already have the decor for an animal theme that we plan to keep but upgrade a bit. Our gallery wall will be similar to our current one, hopefully a tad larger. I'd love to get more bookshelves so we can intersperse some decor in there as well. I have a hunch that a faux taxidermy head, like the ones by Near and Deer, will be a perfect addition and statement piece as well.While couches is one thing the two of us are abundant in, chairs are not. I'm feeling wing backed, maybe reclining. Z prefers over stuffed and cozy, so were on the hunt for a happy medium (suggestions!?) Also, we'll be getting a dog come fall (!!!) but Z is a staunch believer in no dogs on the furniture so I'm requesting floor pillows and poufs for pup-cuddling. If I can convince Z that curtains are not the devil's making I'd love to add these antler hooks from Urban Outfitters. This will be a tv free room; one for entertaining and culture of the non-visual media type. We'll set up our stereo and record system, as well as our chess set and bar in this room. We'll have a wall of bookshelves stocked with our literary favorites interspersed with baubles and decor for a modern-cool vibe and to show off our souvenirs from all of our adventures. Top it off with a classic oriental rug for boho a effect and voila! bohemian forest living room inspo As for the set up, our new living room is twice as big as our current one. We're going to put the couch against the window, for Maven's viewing pleasure. I have a navy velvet vintage couch which we'll put opposite it, and our future chairs will go against another wall, slightly out from the wall. Our vintage Italian glass coffee table will be centered, with our aesthetically enticing coffee table books piled on top surrounded by a candle tray, similar to the way it is in our current home. As for the walls, they're currently an eggshell shade, but we have NO IDEA what to change them too. We're loving ombre walls, or maybe exposing some brick, but we're still a bit lost and totallllly open to concepts and ideas you readers may have that would go with the theme!

The 3D preview below shows my ideal set up: Again, thanks to RoomSketcher for the VIP service and making me feel like a decorating pro! RoomSketcher

Can you tell I'm excited to get a dog!? And plants....with so much space it will be great to include air cleaning and pretty plants!

What do you think of my inspiration and plans? What are your favorite living room styles?

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