I Just Want the Simple Things

I don’t want a model
I don’t want a movie star
You don’t have to win the lotto
I want you to win my heart

Some people don’t know this, but there are lazy days for fashion bloggers. Days you’d rather be comfortable than ultra chic. Jeans and cozy cardigan days. And on those days, there are sneaker wedges. Yes, I’m still a fan of this trend. A dash of sporty and the feel of a heel are perfect for the edgy lady that I am. As for the tonal reds and neutrals; reds are still a very new thing for me, as an ex-redhead. But the mild peplum and the coziest of wool have been some great additions to my wardrobe. Outfits like this are perfect for lounging, enjoying sips and snacks, sunshine. Speaking of food; I’m a major foodie. You’d know this if you’re following me on InstaGram! I love cooking for my boyfriend and friends, indulging in some cheeseplates, or fancy risotto. I love using quality ingredients, whether that be fresh cheese from Union Market, veggies from the farmer’s market, or Black Truffles from Fine Food Specialist.  YUM. Do you like have casual days with fancy food?
Banana Republic top
LOFT Cardigan
Vintage elephant necklace
Marc by Marc Jacobs watch
BDG Sneaker Wedges from Urban Outfitters

Just be a tough act to follow
You know, a free spirit, with a wild heart

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Remember when month seemed to fly by in a flash? March was not one of those months; so much happened, it feels like THREE months rolled into one! I started a new job, spent some quality time with the man (as always), started planning some big thing for the future (nothing crazy, but exciting none the less), and ofcourse…ventured to Mexico!

Alright, onto my InstaGram round up; enjoy!20140331-163040.jpg20140331-163018.jpg20140331-162926.jpg20140331-162815.jpg

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#QSSenMexico Part 2

Alright guys, I know you’re already feeling jealous of my recent Mexican excursion; but are you ready for the second installment of my photo diary!??

too bad if you’re not, it’s here!

Anthropological Museum:

Pyramids of Teotihuacan:

Yes, we climbed all those big pyramids. It was hot, our FitBit said we’d climbed 68 flights of stairs and over 20,000 steps, all before 1pm. Needless to say, my legs have only just begun to stop hurting.

Other random snaps:

Okay, so this last image. This whole trip was Z and I’s anniversary trip. Once we booked the flight and AirBnB, we made reservations at Pujol, the #1 restaurant in the entire country of Mexico; in the top 5 of the WORLD. As a {mostly} vegan I was nervous, but the staff put together a 100% vegan menu, equaling and altering minute details in each of their 9 courses. This photo is from my favorite course (just one); an avocado and chia mini “pie”, spicy crispy kale, a mini tostada topped with guacamole, and a (very swanky) version of street corn. They were exceeptionally accomodating, supplied us with a bi-lingual waitress (more rare than you would think) and allowed us to taste numerous Mezcal’s to find one we liked. The whole experience and meal was amazing, and all I can say is if you decide to head to Mexico City, stay at the Best House and eat at Pujol.

Alright, that’s it! Thanks for following along with me as I share my wanderlusting adventures!

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#QSSenMexico Part 1

I’ve landed; my grounded feet back on US soil. Freezing, snowy soil that is. Already missing the comforting blanket of 85 degree temps and sunshine and palm trees that lined the streets of Mexico City (or DF as the locals know it).

I miss endless tacos, daily Mezcal tastings, Mezcal shoots followed by spice-rimmed orange juice, sun, mezcal, sun….did I mention I miss the warmth of the sun and tasty Mezcal? I mean, good thing we brought 5 bottles of the booze back with us (sorry folks,  the sunshine was harder to pass through customs)

Here’s a few snaps from the first half of my trip!
Do I even have to disclose that it was amazing?

La Casa Azul (Frida Kahlo’s House and Museum):

Centro Historico (& City Lunch):

Chapultepec Park & Zoo:

Clothes worn:
H&M Tunic
Leather-look leggings c/o PersunMall (here)
Ella Moss Maxi dress
H&M Hat
H&M Safari dress (now available on PersunMall here)
cutout booties via ShopCalico

Stay tuned for part two!

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Recent Features

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted where I’ve been featured lately, probably because I wasn’t getting many features. Lately, though, QSS has been booming and I couldn’t be more ecstatic and excited! And with more to come, I hope to continue to aspire to inspire!

In order of most recent, be sure to click through for the original posts!

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KoGod Marketing Conference at American University

Again, I’m so honored by all of these experiences! Be sure to be following me to keep up with all my postings, features, and adventures!

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Dust and Bones

Life and death, we won’t rest
Til we’re dust and bones
The clock keeps turning, the world keeps burning
It’s life and death, we won’t rest,
Til we’re dust and bones

Zara dress (old)
Vintage jacket
Vintage thrifted bag via Tari
boots via ShopCalico

Fun and flirty outfit that I wore on a recent date night! The handsome one and I had a post-office day happy hour at Dirty Martini bar before venturing to The Bombay Club for an Indian dinner. OHMYGOD the food was amazing. I had Saag paneer and garlic naan, a bottle of old vine zinfandel, followed by…mango creme brulee. Who ever thought such a beautiful thing could exist!?? Even though I prefer to shy away from dairy/creamy products, this one was totally worth it.
Post food-coma, we decided to head to a bar we’d read and heard about, Quill at the Jefferson Hotel. This intimate hotel bar was quite an experience; the staff was creative, friendly, and intelligent. The drinks were how does one say….divine? Z had one drink that came with a flaming orange peel…

Thankfully, I wore comfortable clothes that allotted for my food/drink baby and all of the walking for our adventurous evening.

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Hump Day Dupes

Do any of y’all remember my side-blog, UnderEmployed Fashionistas? While posting is still going on there, I still want to cross post every once in a while and share all the wonderful cheap and chic finds I manage to scour the internet before! Here’s the list of recent knock-offs and look alikes and where to score the deals:

lipsMarie Claire named this Monki blouse (only ~$50USD) a pick of the day, and we don’t blame them! Reminiscent of the Saint Laurent Spring 2014 collection (and their vintage duds) who can resist a little cheeky style? While Monki may be semi-affordable, it’s no Persun Mall, who’s dupe I prefer with it’s more spaced out print. This blouse’s cost? $13.99. We can do that.

lipssThe LuLu Guiness lip clutches are a chic iconic staple of kitschy lovers, having been photographed at many-a fashion week and blogger. But at $400+ that’s not in our budget. What is? This $10 dupe, with the same dimensions, available via BangGood!

kissyKeeping with the kissy lips trend, time for some sunnies! These are perfect for daily fun wear! The Kate Spade glittery specks are $158, but these UO dupes are pocket change at $15! Not glittery, but still kitschy and cute.


Prada wowed on the Runway last fall with the preview of their spring collection, boasting artistic prints (and funky boudoir layering). To be honest, I didn’t think this collection would be easy to dupe, but alas PersunMall (one of my favorite’s for cheap and chic dupes) proved me wrong. This long sleeved, slightly more abstract version is perfect for the edgy stylista to transition from this brutal winter into milder spring. The best part? This knock off is $26.99, almost 10% of the original designer duds.

leopardNothing says casual spring quite like some slip-on kicks. High end fashion house Saint Laurent created some Vans inspired shoes, but Vans no longer has them in leopard without laces (something tells me someone may have paid someone else to have rights). But hey, that doesn’t stop THIS budget fashionista, oh no! Instead, I’ve managed to find these very similar shoes by Report, for $49.99, that’s nearly 10% the price of the $495 Saint Laurent’s!