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No Point To Making Plans, The Wild Life is Human Nature

I want to get a move underway
I’m putting my thought in
I want to give all my worries away

Happy Labor Day! What a wonderful end of summer it has been; I’ve been at my parents’ vacation home in Maine, soaking up the rays and enjoying quality time with my family. While I”m as excited as any #fashiongirl for my Pumpkin Spice Soy Latte, I’m still hanging onto sunny days and maxi dresses. I wish it could be summer forever, but this one last fling will do until next year. But, alas, with summer ending and my beach trips commencing, it’s time to get focused. I’m ready to get down to business in planning some big things for the next few years of my life; watch out dreams, I’m coming for you full force!
Also, how amazing is my necklace!? It was a gift from jewelry designer, ThreeJaneNY to celebrate Z and I’s first home; a timeless piece that I will cherish forever. Her map necklaces (and manly cuff links!) are the perfect keepsake gift for anyone, whether it’s to remember a childhood home or to commemorate an abode of love, like mine.

Rachel Pally dress
Bamboo bracelet c/o Clovers and Pearls (get it here and get 10% off at checkout with code “Sahra”)
“Love” bracelet c/o Persun Mall
Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch
Map necklace c/o ThreeJaneNY

Designer Spotlight: Carl Hansen & Son

photo _MG_9697_zps46845703.jpg
One of the things I’ve absolutely loved about becoming a homeowner is the extra creative outlet. I sometimes swear I’ve developed adult ADD with how I always like to get my fingers wet in a bunch of projects, always looking for that next idea to follow through with and make something beautiful of. In buying our first home and having to move and decorate such a large space I’ve really fallen in love with (or rather rediscovered my love for) interior design.
On my last trip to NYC I stopped into the Carl Hansen & Son showroom in SoHo to get a taste for some classic and historic Scandinavian designs. While Z and I have always been partial to the eclectic modern styles, what I saw that day blew me away. Upon walking in, I was greeted with a wall of to-die-for smooth wishbone chairs in every color combination one could fathom, flanked around the room by ideal set ups of a cozy modern home. Most of the pieces are from the noggin of one Hans Wegner, a before-his-time genius designer. His attention to quality and detail has made his works some of the most coveted, and timeless, pieces in the world. From the backdrop of magazines to the swankiest doctors office lounges, there’s a decorative legend around us, if we’re lucky enough to have an eye for his style.
All pieces are imported from Denmark and while many are the direct designs from the late Wegner, there are a handful of designs inspired by him (like the leather day bed in the first image, by Ole Wanscher) or in collaboration with his namesake. Recently, Carl Hansen & Son celebrated Hans Wegner’s would-be 100th birthday, in which Paul Smith got involved, designing a new line of fabrics for pieces to come in, for a limited time.
 photo _MG_9692_zps1220c15a.jpg
 photo _MG_9705_zps863251b7.jpg
 photo _MG_9716_zpsa95d58fc.jpg
 photo _MG_9722_zpsd74be8f5.jpg
 photo _MG_9726_zps0fd2fa57.jpg
Now, these are all well and pretty, with buttery leather and those custom Paul Smith fabrics, but let’s bring it back down to reality. The price for pretty doesn’t come cheap, but if you can afford the price tag then I hope you go for Danish quality, or have the patience to wait until sample sales!
 photo _MG_9727_zpse90ab8f9.jpg

Eyes Bright White Sky Laughing

 photo _MG_9927_zpse9cba44a.jpg
 photo _MG_9948_zps2ba0ab43.jpg

Hello from the beach! I’m having a fabulous time, soaking in the last days of sundrenched summer with the most handsome man; pretending that Pumpkin Spice Soy Lattes are in our distant future (even if they’re popping up all over our news feeds). One song that we’ve been loving to keep the summer vibes alive is Only Real’s “Cadillac Girl”; one of those rare songs that encompasses the feeling and beats of a never ending summer. Also keeping things going? My new friendship bracelet motif-d wrap watch and my skull dangling bracelet, from Sara Designs NYC. The jovially resemblance to bracelets I’d spent my summers perfecting is a welcome nostalgic, as well as an adult-piece. The summer-y bold hues, also perfect for transitioning into a bohemian fall, make it a piece worth keeping, and sharing! whatt!? That’s right! You can score a friendship bracelet wrap watch of your own, by following both Sara Designs NYC and I on InstaGram, liking the photo from this post, and tagging two friends! It couldn’t be easier!
 photo _MG_9926_zpsa0cda667.jpg
 photo _MG_9923_zps8589cc83.jpg
 photo _MG_9928tall_zps1abfa7cf.jpg
 photo _MG_9928_zps8ac8a18f.jpg
 photo _MG_9958_zps9a437019.jpg
 photo _MG_9953_zps9e5db64a.jpg photo _MG_9947_zps0ac1834b.jpg

Madewell sweater via Current Boutique
Bracelet & Watch c/o Sara Designs NYC
Thrifted skirt

What have you been doing to keep summer alive!?

 photo _MG_9937_zps5859bd34.jpg

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Monday Morning Inspiration


Hello Again from the beach! I hope you’re enjoying that last bits of summer as much as I am!


XO Sahra

I Can’t Help But Wonder Do You Ever Think of Me

 photo _MG_9839_zps2ee67c31.jpg

One of my favorite things about my trips to NYC, even one of my favorite things when I was living there, was the concept of showrooms. I adore going to a secluded city oasis high above the sky to peruse the styles for upcoming seasons by new and growing brands that are on the forefront of style. During my last trip, I visited The Globe Showroom. While a big post on the other brands I saw there is coming soon, I wanted to share a couple of looks from one of my new favorite brands that I saw there! Deby Debo is a French brand that “provides answers for young women who want to be both feminine and unclassifiable, free, serene, and sensual”; basically, this line was created for Sahra. With wanderlust bones, the collections infuse heavy embroidery with thoughtful beading and quality fabrics in both heavy and ultra light fabrics. The pieces fit in perfectly in any setting, from holiday beaches, or a crazy party, to at a European Cafe or NYFW.  I chose to try on this back chiffon dress with bold embroidery, dreaming of wearing it on another Mexican foray. Below, I also tried on a playfully sheer lace set, perfect for a date night or a fiercely fashion event with gal pals.

 photo _MG_9836_zpsd89f36e4.jpg

 photo _MG_9831v2_zps616b4baf.jpg

 photo _MG_9819_zps31a01d79.jpg

 photo _MG_9822_zpsd799e7e0.jpg

 photo _MG_9813_zps9fd18460.jpg

 photo _MG_9814_zps82d3bb86.jpg

 photo _MG_9829_zps8ee944ea.jpg

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Monday Morning Inspiration

 Ok to close some doors.

Over the years I’ve occasionally felt a pang of absence, thinking back to failed and broken up friendships and wondering where we went wrong, much like one does after a bad break up. As I get older friendships seem to be less of a messy break up and more of a cohesive falling out, yet when you realize it you still feel sad, upset, and lost.

It’s wonderful when you start to realize that it’s okay that these relationships slip through the cracks. There’s no need to keep people in your life who no longer offer insight, joy, or compassion like what you need. I hope you go forth this Monday and recognize that the people in your life today are there for a reason, and those that are gone are okay.

XO Sahra

Home Updates!

 photo updates_zpsefba8a02.jpg6 weeks ago (that long already!?) Z and I signed on our first house. 3 weeks were spent renovating before we moved in, and now we’ve been here for 3 weeks (including that week we spent on a beach!). Z and I, both having come from long lists of small apartments, were a little overwhelmed with the task of unpacking and decorating an entire house, to say the least. We definitely under estimated it, but we’ve put in plenty of time and the pieces are starting to come together.  The bookshelves are set up (and still, somehow, overflowing), and the gallery wall is on display (complete with Buffalo Taxidermy c/o Near and Deer, Society6 prints, and custom artwork from family and friends). Our main floor is basically done, except for minor tweaking which many of our elders suggest may take up to a year until it feels set. I thought it’d take a week, tops, but seriously, no one tells you just how hard it is to acquire furnishings for a full house and to decorate between two variant aesthetics.

 photo animalgallery_zps6d87c95c.jpg
 photo litbooks_zps8016c3cb.jpg
 photo bookshelves_zps0cff966c.jpg
 photo zinesrack_zpsbd064b87.jpg
 photo bar_zps73a8c414.jpg
The dining room is a godsend for us, a wonderful luxury. We eat there nightly, instead of parked in front of the TV, and have already enjoyed hosting family and friends for meals.
 photo dining_zpsa611e24d.jpg photo bath_zps63338b30.jpg

The Bathroom is set in a mermaid-meets-shipwreck theme, and is definitely still a slow and steady project as we piece it together perfectly.

The rest of the house? A struggle. We thought we had our bedroom prepared, but as it’s come together we’ve realized that we want to do things differently. Currently boasting greyscale bedding against oceanic blue walls with the most amazing “No Vacancy” print (c/o Oliver Gal Artists, get it here!), we’ve concluded that we want to add more bright orange to tie things together! Sheets or a throw, and…a dog bed! It’s been difficult to find the perfect orange hue at an affordable price in a fabric we love, but we’re getting there.
 photo bedroom_zps994d7221.jpg
The guest room and the office are the slowest projects of them all; with technical difficulties (read: a boxspring not fitting up the stairs, having two sets of mattress and neither fitting the bed frame), losing pieces in boxes, and being picky about furniture, we’re making do with that we can for now. Hope fully, though, these spaces can come together and I can share with you a dreamy blogger workspace and an AirBnB worthy guest quarters.

Let me know your thoughts as of present! If anyone wants to offer some design advice, my HGTV saturated mind could use it!

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